Frequently asked questions about referring children for speech pathology

1. Do I need a Doctor’s referral?

No, however please check to see if you are eligible for Medicare funding

2. Do I need to fill out a referral form?  

Please just call directly

3. Is there a waiting list?     

We are currently taking new referrals and have no waiting list.

4. How long will we have to come to therapy for? 

Every child is different, and every child’s progress is different.  We will be able to talk to you about this once we have met your child and assessed their needs.

5. Is there a medicare rebate?

Yes. Please see our Funding Options page to find out more.

6. What should we expect during our first session?

Your child will either be booked in for a “standard assessment” or a “long assessment” depending on your areas of concern.

  • Your child will be invited in and allowed some free play time to allow them to “warm up” while we talk.
  • You will complete a case history form.
  • I will spend some time playing with your child to establish rapport and make informal observations before starting the assessment items.
  • The assessment/s will be administered. Most assessments are picture and question / answer type format.
  • Depending on the type of assessment required, I will give you some informal feedback during the session, or will score and do an error analysis after you leave.
  • A report will be written which will contain the assessment results and some recommendations.